Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow & Sew

Aaaaagggghhhhhh! More snow! There has been a silly amount of snow this year. I chose the snowiest season of the decade to move deep into the woods. Our dirt road often does not get plowed until late into the afternoon (and well into the storm). This is perfectly fine by me though. I'm not complaining. I like having snow days... Especially when Sam is home. I just wish that it would stay in snow format and not switch to sleet or rain like it seems to be doing now. Luckily, we had no need to leave the house today. I brought some work home with me yesterday that I just finished up on a few minutes ago. 71 diapers. Well technically they were covers... Yes, thats right, I make cloth diapers and covers for a small locally owned business. I am a human diaper making factory. I generally don't make an entire diaper from start to finish... but I could. I do all the serging. Sometimes I feel like part girl, part machine.

snow and sew, snow and sew...

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