Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's my party...

This week marked one more of my adventurous rotations around the sun. 27 times I've propelled myself alongside this planet through space. It's kinda funny when you think about it like that. Anyways, I got all excited about running a Birthday Sale in my shop... I have some new items listed and was hoping maybe I might pick up a small amount of traffic via the Birthday Search on Etsy. The Birthday Search just happens to be one of my favorite search engines on Etsy. I don't know why. I guess I'm sort of obsessed with making a big deal out of birthdays. So on Tuesday (my birthday) I got up early and posted that there was a 20% off sale in my shop. Just for fun, I decided to look for my avatar in the birthday search. But it wasn't there! So I double checked that my birthday was viewable in my public profile (which it was), and then I sent an email to Etsy Support explaining my predicament. I recieved a very nice email in response that explained that the system only looks for birthdays once a day and that my avatar must have been skipped somehow. So I changed my birthday to the 18th to try and run my sale a day late and on the 18th my avatar didn't show up either! I've notified Etsy about this again and they said that they would be looking into it. I should note that although I am very disapointed that my b-day got skipped by the search engine, I am once again incredibly impressed with Etsy Support. They are prompt, friendly, polite, and they do a great job at generally answering my questions. For that, I thank you Etsy. So if anyone reading this is interested in making a purchase in my store, I would be happy to extend my 20% off sale until the end of February. Just put "BIRTHDAY BLOG" in the message to seller and wait for a revised invoice before sending your money via paypal. Hooray! And Happy Birthday ME!

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