Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keeping Busy

This week has been a busy one for Moon & Sundries! I've been crafting, taking pictures, listing items, and attempting to educate myself on a variety of topics relating to my Etsy shop. I've got quite a few new Ladies Wallets and also have a nice batch of Leaf Jewelry in the works. I've been trying to clean out my leaf presses as much as possible to make room for the 2009 batch that will be budding soon! Some leaves have a very small window of time in which they are appropriate for harvesting to press for my jewelry. Oak leaves are perhaps the toughest to catch at just the right size... I've found that in as little as 3 days they are too large.

On Tuesday night I attended a meeting in the Etsy Virtual Labs regarding Google Analytics which is a powerful tool that tracks web traffic. I've been running Analytics for a few weeks now and I am amazed by what I have learned! I think my favorite aspect to this tool is the ability to see what countries my visitors are coming from. I have much more international traffic than I previously thought! Now, thanks to this new info, I will be updating my shipping profile for some countries to make it easier and faster for many people to complete the checkout process. I'm hoping this will lead to my first of many international sales!

I've also been busy brainstorming some ideas for new products that I could sell for slightly less money. I know the economy has certainly taken it's toll on my wallet lately and I'm sure it's affecting other's too. I'm hoping to add some pouches and clutch type pieces in the $10-$15 range. I will also be reintroducing my 1" pin-back buttons just in time for Earth Day! All of my buttons are made from prints of my original drawings and they're all inspired by the natural world around us. I'm looking forward to getting these little gems back in my shop!

On a final note... I got my Etsy app to start working on my facebook page. I've had quite a few old friends visit my shop and drop me a note. It feels good to catch up with people and see new and old photos of so many familiar faces. Maybe there is a small place for facebook in my life afterall...

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