Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Distractions

Hello! I'm still alive, I've just been thoroughly distracted by the warmer weather that we've had here lately! Delightfully wonderful things are happening outside... the first signs of spring flowers have appeared in our yard. I love the excitement of raking back a few leaves and discovering bulbous beings poking their heads through the ground! I especially like finding the ones that have busted straight through the dead leaves that lay in their way!

As for Moon & Sundries, I'm currently in the midst of making a fresh batch of men's wallets. Hopefully, I'll get them listed in the next week or so. There are also new T-Totes being listed and I will be running a FREE SHIPPING sale on the T-Totes during the month of April in honor of Earth Day! Be sure to drop by for a visit!

Happy Lovely Spring!

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