Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Flower buds are beginning to pop open and color is returning to the browns of winter... I love spring! The raised garden bed that I built has been filled with compost, one 4-gallon bucket at a time. It came from the UMass Department of Waste Management in Amherst, MA and it was a fantastic deal. I don't have a truck which is why I needed to take all the compost in buckets. They have buckets there that you can use with a $0.25 deposit a piece. Then it costs $0.50/bucket to fill them. I think it took about 50 buckets to fill my 10' x 4' raised bed. The compost is made from horse manure, leaves and yard waste; it's thoroughly broken down and looks rich in color. I can't wait to plant some lettuce seeds in the bed next week!

In other news, I successfully completed my taxes on time. Although I had to fork over a bunch of money, it's a giant relief to know that it's done for another year. I also said farewell to my love for the next month... He's out on a bus tour with Soulive, bringing live music to the ears of many. I'm always sad to see him leave but also look forward to the opportunity to get lots of work done.

Unfortunately, all this activity has kept me away from my Etsy shop for the last week or two. I'm hoping to get some new items listed this week, despite the fact that I want to do a lot of work in the garden and paint my bedroom. We'll see how much actually gets accomplished :)

Happy Earth Day! Go enjoy the outdoors today!


  1. Art, music,'s all good!

  2. lovely photo Karen. We have a compost pile in our back yard, which the raccoons let us use on occasion.