Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kink in my neck

I think I scared the spring away... All this talk about nice weather, and flowers, and gardens. Now it could snow here today. Oh well. It will be over SO SOON! I guess the timing of this cold snap isn't so bad; I managed to get one of the discs in my neck to bulge again. Yuck. and Ouch. If you've never had a disc in your neck or back flair-up, you are a very lucky person. It is incredibly painful! I had a severe scenario like this about two years ago. It took me out for almost two weeks. I visited with a chiropractor a few times, but there was a miss-communication about my insurance... they told me my insurance would cover it and then after five $150 visits, they said "oh no, wait a minute, your insurance doesn't cover this". Not what you want to hear when you are in pain, desperate for help, and broke. So I stopped going. Luckily, the chiropractor was a very nice lady who showed me how to do some targeting stretching and re-tracking of my spine. From there, I decided that I needed to be proactive in my spinal health, so I started going to yoga regularly. I had a few small set-backs with my neck along the way, but over the course of 7 months of a regular practice, I felt like I was stronger, more flexible, and had substantially better posture. Then the Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar happened. That is the annual holiday craft show that I put together. It's overwhelming to run something like that by yourself. I started feeling like I was running out of time to get everything done so I started sacrificing a yoga class here and there. I never intended to quit. But I did. I am embarrassed to say that despite having a much calmer life since New Year's, I have not been back to yoga class since the holiday storm. And now, here I am, talking about this stupid kink in my neck again. I wonder if I'll learn my lesson this time. Perhaps I'll eventually figure out that 1 hour of time devoted to my body is more important than squeezing in a bit more office work. Maybe I'll realize that giving my body what it needs will result in my body giving me what I need. I think when I work this knot out of my neck, it will be time to give back to my physical self again. Plus, bathing suit season is on the horizon :)


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