Thursday, April 2, 2009

Veggie Bed

Wow, what a fabulous day in my little nook of the world! Almost all of the snow has vanished out of our yard and we're making headway on our garden plans! Today I finished building a raised bed for our front yard. It was fairly simple to do... We followed some directions in an organic gardening book that I received for Christmas. It measures about 10' long by 4' wide, which should be large enough to grow quite a bit of food! We decided to use completely untreated wood, even though it will rot in the next few seasons... This way we won't have to question the health of our soil. It took us a few hours to build; we hand cut all the wood and then drilled all the pieces together using galvanized deck screws. I can't wait to see things growing in it! The picture shows the bed upside down while in the midst of construction. The support beams that run across the middle will be buried beneath the dirt.

While I was outside crafting the bed for my summer vegetables, I heard a woodpecker knocking along just a few trees away. I managed to catch this shot of him before he ventured off...

And then Sam spotted the sun hitting some fungus on a downed tree in our yard. It looked like it was on fire! While I was taking pictures of that, I couldn't help but notice some moss glowing on a tree stump near by... The vibrant colors of the forest are alive again!

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