Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paulo!

Paul and I, Turtle Rock Wyoming, September 2004

It's my 'little' brother's birthday today; except he's not so little. The days of me towering over him are long over. He's one quarter centenarian on this day. I have a bit of an obsession with those folks who are able to spend 100+ years on this planet... so I like to think of birthdays relative to this. I made Paul a blanket by serging two pieces of fleece together. It's white on one side and has a Boston Red Sox print on the other; perfect for a chill-y fall game at Fenway. Then I got him a fantastically silly card by Pinecone+Chickadee. I bought the card at a local craft show called Twist, but you can buy cards and other neat stuff from their Etsy shop. I wanted to post a picture of the card here, but I've already given it to my brother and Pinecone+Chickadee's shop doesn't currently have this one in stock. It was a florescent orange and electric blue print of toadstools and a funny little snail with a mustache. It's amazing.

I'm still working on the NUTS piñata and I promise that I'll be posting photos with instructions on how to make your own next week. If I remember to, I'll try and snap some shots of the thing being busted open too! Enjoy your Thursday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Much To Do... So Little Time

First, let me start off by saying, Happy belated Mother's day to all those lovely Momma's out there! This year there has been an influx of new mom's around me... I guess I'm at that age. So I send a special congratulations out to all those first-timers!

I've been a little absent from the internet lately but have still had Etsy and crafting on the mind. The major distraction in my life has been preparing for a college reunion party that I'm throwing! I can't wait! I haven't seen all my girls together in a least 3 years... just 4 days left to go! Huzzah! Yesterday, my brother, who is much bigger and stronger than I, helped me build the fire pit in our yard. It had been more of a fire mound when we moved in. I don't think anyone had cleaned it out in years. My roommate and I had started digging about a week ago... it took us a long time and we definitely didn't finish. But then Paul swept in and before I knew it we actually had a deeply dug out fire pit complete with a protruding stone slab for boiling water! Thanks Paulo! There has been so much to do but each day I've been able to cross something else off the list... I painted my room last week, stitched up some curtains for bedroom privacy, hung shelves and decorations... I guess we never really finished unpacking in the fall. There has also been some gardening work happening.

As for Etsy, I attended a Western Mass Street Team meeting on the 3rd. It was a really great opportunity to meet a few other Etsy sellers in the area. We drank some beer and threw some ideas around. I even got to meet Ed of Wook Woodworking... I bought some Tree Buttons from him and his wife Alexandra during the holidays and I must say, they are pretty amazing! They have an excellent eye for detail. Someday when I'm rich and famous, my house with definitely hold some of their exquisite furniture pieces. It's nice to share ideas with fellow artists and crafters and get an idea of what other people are doing to stay active in their businesses. I need to be much more active; after all the excitement of this weekend passes, I will be devoting substantially more time to my shop.

Today will be one filled with more crafting... I'll be continuing to work on the NUTS piñata for my party. NUTS is an acronym for Night Under The Stars (the actual reunion part of the weekend that will be happening at Clark University). I'm going literal with this theme. Pictures and directions on how to make your own silly piñata will follow later... .

Have a great day and enjoy your week!