Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paulo!

Paul and I, Turtle Rock Wyoming, September 2004

It's my 'little' brother's birthday today; except he's not so little. The days of me towering over him are long over. He's one quarter centenarian on this day. I have a bit of an obsession with those folks who are able to spend 100+ years on this planet... so I like to think of birthdays relative to this. I made Paul a blanket by serging two pieces of fleece together. It's white on one side and has a Boston Red Sox print on the other; perfect for a chill-y fall game at Fenway. Then I got him a fantastically silly card by Pinecone+Chickadee. I bought the card at a local craft show called Twist, but you can buy cards and other neat stuff from their Etsy shop. I wanted to post a picture of the card here, but I've already given it to my brother and Pinecone+Chickadee's shop doesn't currently have this one in stock. It was a florescent orange and electric blue print of toadstools and a funny little snail with a mustache. It's amazing.

I'm still working on the NUTS piƱata and I promise that I'll be posting photos with instructions on how to make your own next week. If I remember to, I'll try and snap some shots of the thing being busted open too! Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. well, happy birthday to your brother!
    and 'GO SOX!'

  2. Happy b-day to your brother!! I'm hoping not to live to be 100, unless of course I still have an intact mind. My grandmother is 93, totally blind, but remembers more than I do and still knits for the grandkids and great grandkids. If I can be like her - then old won't be so bad.