Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Days

I am a little embarrassed. My personal goal had been to post to this blog at least once a week. But it's been slightly more like once a month lately. What can I say?.... It is finally summer! I've been busy gardening, going to see live music, and socializing with old friends and new. Life has been great! I have managed to sneak some crafting into my schedule too, but have not been too good about keeping up with the internet side of life.

A few weeks back, I joined several other Western Mass Etsy sellers in a craft market during Easthampton's BearFest. Although it was a fairly toasty day, the rain held off and we had quite a nice flow of friendly faces throughout afternoon! It was also a pleasure to put some names to the faces of the other Etsy sellers on my team. There is an amazing selection of high quality handmade goodies being created right around me! If you're interested in seeing the work of Etsy's Western Mass Street Team, just enter "wmass team" into the search bar.

It's likely that wherever you are, there are fantastic things being made near you too. Search the name of your city or town on Etsy's Shop Local page to find beautiful local treasures!

Happy summer! Go play outside!

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