Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 4 :: Nostalgia

Occasionally I will pass by an object in a storefront and will suddenly be thrust into memories from the past. It could be a toy or a photograph, or even some vintage clothing. But whatever the object may be, it creates a longing to return to a happy and comfortable place. These 'trigger' objects are quite likely to vary from person to person but the emotions they conjure up are a common thread amongst us. The theme for Karen's Picks this week is 'nostalgia', and while I can't guarantee that these items will make you nostalgic, I certainly hope that they make you smile and make you consider what things trigger feelings of nostalgia for you! Enjoy!

I LOVED to play with Lego's as a child! They could entertain me for hours! I have vivid memories of building castles with my dad and brother. These cuff links would make a colorful and playful addition to any wedding! By qacreate, $10.

The sight and sounds of Elvis take a lot of people back in time. This cross stitch pattern allows you to make your own American icon wall art! By AllStitches, $4.
My dad had an amazing antique tool collection. This collection was primarily woodworking tools but he did have some antique kitchen tools as well. My favorite was the apple peeler that not only peeled the apple, it took the core out and sliced it up! He used to bring it into my school and would ask all the kids to guess what it was before he demonstrated. I still have the one we used as kids! And I've managed to find one in the vintage section on etsy. Still new in the box! By itsjustv, $15.

Aaahh, the 80's! What a special time in our history... Funny clothes, big hair, and what now feels like archaic technology. What ever happened to your old tape collection? Mix Tape 1" Pinback Button by ButtonHead, $1.50.

I had a spirograph set as a child and a few years ago I discovered it in some boxes! Occassionally I will bust it out to make a card for a friend or to entertain younger house guests. These magnets were created in a spirograph style and they are quite fantastic! By Polymath, $12.

It's funny how much old technology can make you feel nostalgic. I guess it makes sense in this age of rapid technological advances. A gal I used to live with would type snail mail letters to her friends and loved ones on an old typewriter. She liked the feel of it and I miss the sounds of it. One of these days I'm going to find myself and old beautiful typewriter to write my own love letters on. In the meantime, there's this gorgeous photograph to transport you back in time. By oneeyeopen, $25.

My Glow Worm was my buddy as a child. I loved how it glowed in the dark! When I was searching for items of nostalgia and came accross these earrings, I let out a squeal! The faces even glow in the dark! By CharlieCarter, $9.

When we got our first dog, my brother was a wee little peanut. At the time, he had a bit of a speech impediment. When we started discussing what to name our puppy, he really wanted to name her She-Ra, as in the Princess of Power, except we kept hearing Sheba. Sheba stuck, but everytime I see She-Ra, I think of our childhood dog and my little brother. You can be the Princess of Power with these awesome earrings! By elsbells, $8.

If there is such a thing as an iconic highway, it's US Route 66. The path was laid in 1926 and was a major passageway for people seeking work and heading west throughout the dustbowl of the 1930's. Originally it was 2,448 miles long but was rerouted many times and eventually disbanded as a major highway in 1985. In some states the old highway has been designated as a scenic byway. Route 66 represents travel and new adventures. It's even been sung about by rock legends like the Rolling Stones. Hang this handmade roadsign in your living room to be reminded of adventures past, present, and future. By familyattic, $47.95.

Here's some more technology of days past. A Polaroid picture was as good as it got for instant gratification before the dawn of digital cameras. Sadly, in 2008, the Polaroid company announced that they would end production of instant film. But you don't have to say goodbye to polaroid forever... You can hang this bright print on your wall to take you back in time! By exit343design, $20.

I hope you've enjoyed these items that make me nostalgic. What does it for you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fuga Dalla Prigione

I've just discovered through Craftopolis that one of my wallets has been selected for another treasury... this one is graphically superb and truly AMAZING! It's called 'Fuga Dalla Prigione: Escape From Prison'. It was put together by PipingHotPapers with a little help in translation from ixela. I am posting it here, but please do go over to the treasury on Etsy and click around! Your comments are appreciated by the curator and the handmade community!

Also, I apologize for not getting Karen's Picks out today... Somehow the day just slipped away. I'll be posting it tomorrow though. The theme for the week will be 'nostalgia'. What makes you nostalgic?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

'Wascally Wabbit'

Oh boy! My Carrot Wallet has been chosen for another treasury and I really like this one! It's called 'The Color of Wabbit Food: Some Things for That Wascally Wabbit' and it's been curated by abbasgirl. Stop by this treasury to leave a comment and click around!

For those of you who are less versed in the ways of Etsy... A treasury gains ranking amongst other treasuries based on the number of unique visitors, the number of clicks within the treasury, and the number of comments. The higher a given treasury is ranked, the more likely it is that more people will see it as it climbs to the front page of the treasury lists. The Treasury section on Etsy is often where the admins get their selections for the main page of Etsy, which is another reason to try and build ranking in a given treasury. You have to be logged on to your Etsy account to have your clicks counted! And only your first 10 or 12 clicks of the day get counted (I can't remember the exact number). It's also important to note that treasuries only last 2-3 days, so when someone tells you that they've been selected for one, get on over there and start clicking away!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 3 :: Rainy Days

There has been an extraordinary amount of rain around here this summer. My garden is soggy; the mosquitoes are thick. But the major advantage to all this precipitation is that it's been much easier to stay focused on my work inside. Lately, I've been feeling like if you can't beat the rain, embrace it... Which brings me to today's 'Rainy Day' theme. Stay dry and enjoy!

I love how the clouds in this print look like fabric... And the gal has some pretty sweet rain boots! By Kecky, $15.

Cuddle up with this pillow on the next rainy day in your neighborhood. By diffractionfiber, $32.

This necklace is so darn cute, I almost can't handle it. By LycheeKiss, $22.

For those of you who are wishing to just sleep all the rainy days away, this sleepmask is for you! By kocorococo, $28.

Here's a quite fashionable way to beat the rain. I particularly like the pockets on this coat! By Emilykatz, $188 (on sale from $360!)

My love just returned from a business trip to Japan. He's been over there many times. Someday I would like to go with him, even if it's raining. 'Rainy Day in Japan' by sarahayashi, $15.

I love hoodies. I wear one almost everyday. This one would be a fantastic addition to my collection (hint, hint ;)) By kachingdesign, $48.

Perhaps the rain makes you grumpy and grumbly... This pin tells the world, so you don't have to. By Coolbeans717, $8.

This gal seem to be having quite a time of her puddle stomping, rainy day walk. She makes me smile! By missbrigette, $30.

Happy Wednesday! You've made it half way through the week!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Allium Sativum

Yesterday was a day that I've been awaiting for quite some time! We finally harvested our garlic! This is the first year that we've grown it ourselves and I think it came out great! Despite being easy to grow, it does take some patience. We planted it in November and have tended to it just a few times since then. We used all of the garlic scapes for some incredible scape pesto!

We grew 80 bulbs in these delicious varieties: Chesnok Red, Music, Doc's German, Ukranian, Georgia Crystal, Bogatyr, and Rosewood.

Sinking your teeth into a fresh-from-the-earth piece of garlic is sort of like biting into a fresh apple; it's crisp, but with serious KICK!

All of the bulbs have been tagged by variety and are now being cured. Hopefully our supply will last us awhile, but I already know that I want to grow more for next year!

Happy gardening!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

'Lazy Lizard'

Another treasury! (I think maybe I should buy a lotto ticket or something!) This treasury is called 'Lazy Lizard' and it's a playful composition of lizard themed goods! Thank you to Emburr for including my Lizard Wallet is this fantastic curated collection!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gadzooks! Another treasury! This is my lucky week! It had been such a long time since I had been in any and then all of a sudden I've been picked for 4 in about a week! It really is an honor to have my work selected for these and I can't thank the curators enough!

This treasury is called 'Angels Arrested' and it has some dramatic indigo & purples... I really love the combination of all the items! A big thanks to emmarts for selecting my Blackberries Wallet!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treasury West

I've had my Zinnia Wallet selected for another treasury! This particular wallet seems to be a popular one... it's accumulated quite a few hearts in a short period of time! For those of you who don't know about item and shop hearts, they are basically bookmarks of people's favorites on Etsy.

This treasury is another bold and brightly colored one that was put together by Meg, one of my fellow Western Mass Street Team members. Meg's Etsy shop is called SunMoonStars and she primarily sells wine glass charms, jewelry, and some vintage supplies and treasures. A big thanks to Meg for putting this lovely curated gallery of goods together!

Be sure to visit this treaury soon! They only last for a few days! You can get to it directly by clicking here.

Looking for more wonderful handmade goods from western MA? Search "wmass team" on Etsy for the full array of products being offered around here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 2 :: The Forest

Hello! It's time for the second edition of Karen's Picks! This week the theme I have chosen is 'the forest'. I live deep in the woods and I wouldn't want it any other way! In my backyard the moss covers the forest floor like a carpet, and on rare occasions I am blessed with visits from an owl, a fox, turkeys, or deer. If you don't have the opportunity to experience the forest very often, Etsy has a wonderful array of woodland themed gifts and goods. Here are some of my favorites...

These beautiful hand painted nesting owls would make a lovely addition to your mantel. By SavageArtworks, $54.

Wear this lovely little hand-stitched treasure on your lapel. Just be sure the squirrels don't try to get at it! By lupin, $13.25.

I love the moon and I love the forest! I think I need this original acrylic painting for my living room! By AmyGiacomelli, $199.

You can hug a tree on your couch with these spectacular birch pillows! By myimaginaryboyfriend, $45.

This print is magical. It would be perfect for a little girl's whimsical bedroom! By HidenSeek, $7.70.

Wall decals are gaining momentum as a great way to personalize your living space. I really like this one by LeenTheGraphicsQueen, $17.50.

One year for Halloween, I went as a mudslide. It was a funny and quirky handmade costume that included sticks in my hair. These Bronze Twig Hairpins would have been a better and cuter option! By 4TheSparrowsNest, $15.50.

Moss terrariums are easy to care for and bring the forest right to your desk! By Greenbriar, $18.

This tree will help you hold your pants up. I love it! By BareTree, $15.

The soft, muted colors in this fine art print are both beautiful and calming. By NatureMandalas, $14.

And last but not least, is a little shameless self-promotion. These little gems allow you to take a piece of the forest with you wherever you go! By moonandsundries (me!), $20.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's picks! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wilco loves you baby!

This weekend, my mom and I went to go see WILCO at LeLacheur Park in Lowell, MA. It was a fantastically fun time! Although the forcast called for rain starting at 5, the precipitation held off until just after 10, which meant we got to see the vast majority of the show before they called it. I bumped into an old pal from my freshman dorm in college, as well as a newer friend whom I've recently met through mutual friends!

Before the show, my mom and I got a bite to eat at the Life Alive Urban Oasis and Organic Cafe... It was quite tasty. I found it on the internet using (Do you know about HappyCow? If you are vegetarian or just really into eating healthy, HappyCow is critical to know about... especially if you ever travel. Basically you can search for veggie friendly restuarants and health food stores based on a specific location. My boyfriend rellies on this page as a veg-head who travels regularly for work. It has provided critical info for me when I'm out and about and I highly recommend it for the next time you're traveling!)

The most pleasant surprise of the evening came about half way through the show when the gal standing next to us started talking to her friends. I immediately recognized her voice as the co-host of The Roundtable program on my local NPR station, WAMC. I listen to this show everyday. One of the best parts of the program is that this particular co-host, Sarah LaDuke, is a huge Wilco fan! I've listened to several of her interviews with Jeff Tweedy, Wilco's frontman. The funny thing is that I had just been telling my mom about Sarah's interviews about a half an hour before she appeared next to us. I had to have a 'geek-out' moment and tell her that I was an avid listener and big fan of the show. She was friendly and sweet, and told me how her favorite part of her job was getting to interview Wilco from time to time.

All in all, it was a lot of fun to go out and see some great music with my mom. If you haven't seen any music being performed live & in-person lately, DO IT! It provides a huge amount of inspiration in my life and work, plus it's a way to unwind from the daily grind.

Wilco loves you baby! Happy Monday, enjoy the week!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today, when I got home from my other job, I was pleasantly pleased to discover that two of my items had been selected for two different treasuries! What a treat! In light of this exciting news, I finally figured out how to take snapshots of treasuries so that they can be saved to a blog...

The first treasury is called 'Leafy Goodness' chosen by TheFancyLamb. My 'Fern Necklace' was chosen for this...

The second treasury is called 'Happy Valley' and was created by a street team member of mine over at firewoodfurniture. This one is made up entirely of Western Mass Street Team member's work. My 'Zinnia Wallet' was chosen for it...

Many, many thanks to TheFancyLamb and firewoodfurniture! It's an honor to have my work chosen for these and placed amongst such fantastic creations!

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Karen's Picks:: Vol. 1

I've decided to start a new weekly feature on my blog. A lot of my friends and family know what Etsy is, but I don't think many of them have really explored all that Etsy has to offer. I am continually amazed by all the creative things popping up on Etsy, so I've decided to start 'Karen's Picks'. Hopefully this will happen every Wednesday! Each week I will pick some of my new favorites from Etsy and feature them here for you to discover!

This week's theme is Summer... Etsy is full of all sorts of wonderful summertime items! From garden treasures, to stunning swimwear; if you can dream of it, someone on Etsy is making it! Enjoy!

This bathing suit is exquisite! I love all of the details and sweet summer colors! By ladramaqueen, $140.
What would summer be without hot dogs (or tofu-pups!) on the grill? Now you can can always be reminded of your favorite summer bbq with these silly earrings! By shayaaron, $10.

One of my favorite smells of summer is lavender! I can't get enough of it's soothing essence! This fine art print captures a fragrant summer evening perfectly! By meganrhodes, $25.

Every gal needs a large bag in the summer to carry all her precious treasures in. This reversible bag allows you two different styles in one! By retrofied, $48.

Gardens are peaceful sanctuaries. No garden is complete without a touch of art and sculpture. By bluemetal, $95.
Hang summer on your wall all year round with this eye-popping poppy painting! By OriginalsbyParis, $110.

Fun, colorful, unique wallets are the perfect accessory for summer! Luckily, my shop has an array of perfect summertime choices! Here is one for the farmer boy in your life, $23, and a 'tasty' one for the special lady in your life, $28. By (me!) moonandsundries.

Happy Summer!