Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Allium Sativum

Yesterday was a day that I've been awaiting for quite some time! We finally harvested our garlic! This is the first year that we've grown it ourselves and I think it came out great! Despite being easy to grow, it does take some patience. We planted it in November and have tended to it just a few times since then. We used all of the garlic scapes for some incredible scape pesto!

We grew 80 bulbs in these delicious varieties: Chesnok Red, Music, Doc's German, Ukranian, Georgia Crystal, Bogatyr, and Rosewood.

Sinking your teeth into a fresh-from-the-earth piece of garlic is sort of like biting into a fresh apple; it's crisp, but with serious KICK!

All of the bulbs have been tagged by variety and are now being cured. Hopefully our supply will last us awhile, but I already know that I want to grow more for next year!

Happy gardening!

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