Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 2 :: The Forest

Hello! It's time for the second edition of Karen's Picks! This week the theme I have chosen is 'the forest'. I live deep in the woods and I wouldn't want it any other way! In my backyard the moss covers the forest floor like a carpet, and on rare occasions I am blessed with visits from an owl, a fox, turkeys, or deer. If you don't have the opportunity to experience the forest very often, Etsy has a wonderful array of woodland themed gifts and goods. Here are some of my favorites...

These beautiful hand painted nesting owls would make a lovely addition to your mantel. By SavageArtworks, $54.

Wear this lovely little hand-stitched treasure on your lapel. Just be sure the squirrels don't try to get at it! By lupin, $13.25.

I love the moon and I love the forest! I think I need this original acrylic painting for my living room! By AmyGiacomelli, $199.

You can hug a tree on your couch with these spectacular birch pillows! By myimaginaryboyfriend, $45.

This print is magical. It would be perfect for a little girl's whimsical bedroom! By HidenSeek, $7.70.

Wall decals are gaining momentum as a great way to personalize your living space. I really like this one by LeenTheGraphicsQueen, $17.50.

One year for Halloween, I went as a mudslide. It was a funny and quirky handmade costume that included sticks in my hair. These Bronze Twig Hairpins would have been a better and cuter option! By 4TheSparrowsNest, $15.50.

Moss terrariums are easy to care for and bring the forest right to your desk! By Greenbriar, $18.

This tree will help you hold your pants up. I love it! By BareTree, $15.

The soft, muted colors in this fine art print are both beautiful and calming. By NatureMandalas, $14.

And last but not least, is a little shameless self-promotion. These little gems allow you to take a piece of the forest with you wherever you go! By moonandsundries (me!), $20.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's picks! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


  1. I love those birch pillows!!!!!!!!!

  2. Me too! I've been eyeing them for over a year now ;)

  3. cute hair pins...and the other stuff, too, it's all good ;)

  4. what a sweet collection of things.