Friday, July 10, 2009


Today, when I got home from my other job, I was pleasantly pleased to discover that two of my items had been selected for two different treasuries! What a treat! In light of this exciting news, I finally figured out how to take snapshots of treasuries so that they can be saved to a blog...

The first treasury is called 'Leafy Goodness' chosen by TheFancyLamb. My 'Fern Necklace' was chosen for this...

The second treasury is called 'Happy Valley' and was created by a street team member of mine over at firewoodfurniture. This one is made up entirely of Western Mass Street Team member's work. My 'Zinnia Wallet' was chosen for it...

Many, many thanks to TheFancyLamb and firewoodfurniture! It's an honor to have my work chosen for these and placed amongst such fantastic creations!

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. You do very nice work! I was more than happy to feature it in my treasury! :)