Sunday, August 9, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 5 :: Domestic Delights

This week's belated version of Karen's Picks is all about making your home feel unique! I've got some redecorating coming up so I've decided to pick some items that would be a perfect fit in my rustic post and beam home! Do you have an underlying theme in your home decor?

This Rustic Serving Trio is a beautiful set crafted just down the road from my house! I'd love to serve up some tasty treats with it! By firewoodfurniture, $47.
I love having lots of plants in my house. They add a splash of color and certain plants even help improve indoor air quality! This amazingly cute Snail Planter is made from a vintage design and would look adorable with a spider plant growing out it's back! By fruitflypie, $39.99.
It doesn't get any better than HANDMADE with RECYCLED MATERIALS! Love this Funky Fork Coat Rack, by jjevensen, $20.
I think that this flower vase was made with my house in mind. I really, really like it! And it's even made with a glass vase liner so that it holds water nice and neatly. By MadeintheHV, $24.
The carving done on the handle of this handmade broomstick is magical! Who thought cleaning could look so good? By BROOMCHICK, $64.
Cupcakes are my favorite thing in the world to bake and this batter bowl would be a lovely addition to my array of kitchen tools! By risingsky, $27.95.
These 'On A Limb' shelves are simply exquisite! The clean lines, elegant branches, and eastern design are amazing! If it's possible to find true love in furniture, I think I've found it. By edgelinewoodstudio, $2,800.
Bring a piece of the great outdoors into your living room with this guarenteed one-of-a-kind driftwood table! By morowood, $248.
My old pal Ben Westbrook makes delightful forged steel churchkeys (aka bottle openers). Each one is unique and sure to bring you lots of pleasure as it will surely open many fine beverages to come! By hammeronsteel, $20.
Once again, it really doesn't get any better than HANDMADE with RECYCLED MATERIALS! I've made one or two of these recycled-bottle glasses myself, but these ones in particular have a lovely rounded finished rim! It would be great to have an entire set like this, crafted from old wine bottles! By bodhicitta, $70.

Hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Enjoy the week ahead!

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  1. Love all the rustic wood finds you have posted.... especially that serving set.. its so cute! Great finds! ;)