Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Want stART to Stop...

This weekend's stART On The Street festival in Worcester, MA was fantastic! No one could have asked for more perfect weather... It was crystal blue skies all day and a comfortable 70 degrees. There was roughly 250 vendors and a whopping 30,000 attendees!
I got to meet lots of friendly shoppers and had a lot of great conversations with people. The energy was high and the place was packed. And to top it off, I had great sales!I've decided that the best part about making wallets is that people who have formerly purchased them like to pull them out of their bag and show them to me. I love seeing my work in action! One lady was kind enough to step into my booth and exclaim, "Buy her wallets; this is the best one I've ever spent my money on!" as she waived her's through the air. This not only made my day, it made my year! (If you're out there reading this, Thank you; you're the best!)

Another great aspect of the day was having the opportunity to meet some of the vendors. The vendors right around me were all awesome. I bought an original drawing from my neighbor to the back, Erik Nasinnyk. I love it and am now just trying to figure out where I should hang it. I was quite pleased to have Dawn from SleyTheDent stop by and introduce herself. I also got to meet Liz of MadeInLowell which was a treat. It's nice to have the opportunity to meet others who play a similar game of Life as you. I wish there was more time for it at these types of events.

It will take a while for the glow from this weekend to wear off. It's days like Sunday that keep you going when times are tough. It's not just the boost in sales; it's the feedback, the dialog, and the relationships that you build with the people who are directly supporting you and their community. Hooray for shopping local and shopping handmade! I can't wait 'til next year!

These are a few of the human tape sculptures that were made as part of the 'stART In Motion' theme for this year's event. I snapped a few pictures at the end of the day when I went to retrieve my car... needless to say, the lighting isn't great... but you get the idea.

Happy Autumn to you! Enjoy your week!


  1. Happy Autumn to you, too. So glad you had a good show!

  2. What a great post! I can't wait to do craft shows next year! Thanks for sharing!


  3. looks like a great event! Wish I wasn't so far. ;)