Friday, September 25, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 10 :: Trick-or-Treat

Halloween could quite possibly be my favorite celebration of the year! I love getting dressed up and decorating the place. A few years back, my Love and I went crazy decorating and preparing the yard for trick-or-treaters. We even created a small cemetary. Our front door was on the side of the house so candy seekers needed to come into the yard and come down our walkway. We rigged up a line that ran from a second story window, over the walkway, and down into the yard. Then we hooked up a pulley and attached a ghost that I made. When people wandered into our yard for candy, my Love would let the ghost fly down the line over the heads of our unsuspecting guests. I think we scared more of the parents who stood back and waited; the kids were so distracted by the prospect of sugar that many of them never even noticed the spirit flying over head. Sadly, now that we live way out in the woods, we don't get any trick-or-treaters. But that only means that we need to take the party elsewhere!This week's 'Karen's Picks' highlights some of the wonderfully spooky and creative halloween offerings of Etsy. I hope you're inspired to go big this year!

These earrings are delightfully dreadful;they would be a great accessory for a witch costume! (I've had the same witch dress (pictured above) for at least 20 years... it's my default costume when I don't come up with something else). By cheryloz, $12.I have fond memories of Burt and Ernie. They're such genuine friends! This is a great costume for the little tyke who is easily frightened... it's soft and friendly! Burt is available too! By NotTheKitchenSink, $20.I'm glad that we have a holiday that honors bats. The recent outbreak of White Nose Syndrome in bats is both sad and scary... our ecosystem is so delicate and intricate. We need bats to eat bugs like misquitoes! Anywho, this necklace is adorable and worth wearing all year. You can by one from SoStrawberry, $6.50.When I set out to find some spooky treats for you this morning, I had no idea that I would find something so extravagent and spectacular! This would be AWESOME to have at your home fright-fest! It even closes up! I want one! By VonErickson, $3,500.
Did you know you can get makeup on Etsy? This stuff is vegan, chemical free, and never tested on animals. It's the Twilight Character Makeup Kit and comes with a pot of Twilight foundation (to give you a pale, vampire-ish look), Karmic Red shadow, Black Steel shadow, a Baby Kabuki application brush, and an apple flavored lip balm in deep red; a complete set for all your ghoulish needs! By pinkquartzminerals, $30.
I'm absolutely in love with this little guy! He makes me melt. By zparkleys, $45.I've had my eye on this shop for a long time. The Mary Janes that this girl embelishes are incredible. I want a pair. So cute and unique. These ones are perfect for the Halloween season! By emandsprout, $24.
If you're going to go trick-or-treating, you'll need a bag to carry all your treats in! The transluscent ghost on this one is especially spooky! By eminandems, $15.Pumpkins are great decor for not only Halloween, but also Thanksgiving. These needle-felted gems are bold and vibrant and are the perfect accent for your home or office! By Tutuki, $18.
Spiders are the architects of the underworld! Set the mood with these hand engraved Web Candle Holders by daydreemdesigns, $14.
Happy Friday to you! Enjoy your weekend and don't foget to start planning out your costume!


  1. Ha ha! What a great post. I love Halloween too! Can't wait :)

  2. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law's (who are twins) birthdays are on Halloween! How cool would that be? Great finds!

  3. I love this post so many amazing items & I love your ghost on the pulley idea.

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