Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 8 :: Making A House A Home

As you may know, from previous posts, I've been busily trying to makeover my house in the last few weeks. Our roommates have moved next door and My Love and I are living on our own for the very first time! I've been piecing together a lot of housewares from my mom and step-dad's old barn... there's enough dishware in there to open a restaurant. I've also got my eye on some wonderful handmade creations on Etsy! I know Karen's Picks was 'Domestic Delights' just a few weeks back but I couldn't help myself from picking out more home treasures. So for this week, I bring you 'Making A House A Home'. Enjoy!

I love this wreath for several reasons. First, it's made with real leaves. Second, I love pressed leaves; you just can't replicate the smooth and simple lines of nature. Third, it was handmade in New Hampshire, home to my childhood. By NHWoodscreations, $18.Fresh baked bread is a scrumptious treat! Although I like my bread sliced, sometimes I want it thick and sometimes I like it thin. That's where your very own bread knife comes in handy. This one is a functional beauty; I'm wild about turquoise inlay! By redrockzone, $29.95.It never hurts to look good while your cooking. This lovely oven mitt will protect your hands, as well as add to your modern day Betty-home-maker charm! By Mybb, $10.My dad built a beautiful shaker style table for me a few years back. It's been in storage as I've moved from one big crazy house to another. I've finally busted it out to add to my living room. Now all I need is some coasters to protect it's lovely finish. This one makes me smile and it might need to find a new home on my table! By robotcandy, $6.Now that we have more rooms to fill in our house, we'll need some more clocks. We don't carry cell phones around these parts 'cause they don't work up here in the hills. So we tell time the old fashioned analog way. This Autumn Moon Clock is simply spectacular! By CyberMoon, $16.
Light switch plate covers are a great way to personalize any room. I've seen a lot of great ones over the years; from vintage comic book images, to fancy home dec fabrics. But this one may top the cake. The detail in the design is simply exquisite! I love it! By brightcolorart, $30.Soft, creamy, luxurious... your feet will die and go to heaven! This amazing 5'x 8' rug is made from discarded t-shirts; it was hand-dyed with coffee. I want one. By talkingsquid, $499.In the year that I've been living up on this hill in the woods, we've lost power quite a few times. The first time, it was out for 6 long days. Subsequently, I've learned to keep lots of candles on hand and I'm always looking for new ways to hold them. This forged steel candleholder would look great on my wall and would likely come in handy. By baconsquarefarm, $65.A great couch calls for a set of colorful, comfy pillows. This one is made from a beautiful teal cotton with a lovely nature sillhoute print. By joom, $16.Ok, so now that I've got my house all re-decorated and feeling home-like, it's time for me and My Love to sit back and relax with a glass of wine out of an amazing goblet like this one. Cheers to handmade beauty! By MuddyWaters, $18.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's picks... I was a treat to pick them out! Happy home decorating!


  1. Great finds, love the coaster too! Mud Goblets are great!!


  2. Nice products featured. Can't decide on a favorite and I love the leave wreath, very pretty autumn colors. :-)

  3. Thanks Melissa and Christine! These were lots of fun to pick, I'm glad you've liked them!

  4. Great finds! I love decorating... its so much fun... I wish I had more rooms, so that I can do it more! ;)