Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Workin' Weekend

This has been a productive weekend for my Love and I. We harvested the last of our tomatoes, some greens, a few carrots, and oodles of juicy red raspberries. The herbs that have been hanging to dry have been sorted and jarred for future use. We've been cooking down homemade tomato sauce for 2 days now... I hope it's good :) Check out this awesome carrot I grew! I'm such a dork... Can you tell how excited I am?!
In the midst of all this harvest and preservation, I've also been photographing items to list in my Etsy Shop. I listed three NEW things today... 2 wallets and a bat brooch!This is the second Bat Brooch that I've put up in my shop to celebrate Halloween! I've not offered anything like it before but I'm excited to be doing a little hand-sewing. Everything else I make is done on a machine. It's inspiring me to learn some embroidery techniques... may be a fun project for January, when life slows down a little more. The best part about these bats is that they are made from Ecospun Felt which is made up entirely of post-consumer plastic bottles. Oh the joy :)

I hope you're enjoying your long weekend and that you are reinvigorated for the shortened week ahead! Cheers to you!

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