Saturday, October 10, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 12 :: Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to take the opportunity to show off a few more spectacular costumes found on Etsy. This weeks Karen's Picks is dedicated to all all those awesome handmade costumes out there! If you don't have the time to get crafty this year, consider buying Halloween attire on Etsy... The costumes and accessories are unique, creative, and quirky! Only a few weeks left to get ready...

Cutest pumpkin ever. And when your little tyke gets all wound up on sugar, he's got extra padding for all that 'bouncing off the walls'. By dahlhartlane, $88.95.This divine and sparkling gown would be perfect for an Elvira costume, or just the sexiest witch on the block. By Uniquery, $100.
Here's a great all-in-one costume for the kid and the stroller. Absolutely adorable. By mapletree2000, $90. Spice up your night with this Sassy Flamenco Dancer costume. By amandalyn, $45.This awesome Frankenstein hat could easily be matched with some clothes around the house to make a fantastic costume! By burchanddaughters, $35.Frolic the forests as a Satyr and pick up a few Nymphs along the way with this amazing leather mask. By teonova, $110.
I wanna rock n' roll all night and party everyday! YES... this costume is bad*ss! The listing is for a custom costume with up to 4 hours of production time... Let your imagination run wild and get your order in by Monday the 12th! By squarejane, $45.I think you might actually be able to cast spells in this stunning gown! By WizadoresWorkshop, $150.
This costume is fun, quirky, cute, and affordable. Make your little man a lumberjack with this handmade beard (Also available in adult sizes!). By tiffpippin, $10.Beautiful, handmade, and a versatile costume accessory... who needs more? By TotusMel, $55.

What will you be for Halloween this year?


  1. Wow.. love your picks. Esp the Elvira gown and the Irish beard :)


  2. What great costumes! The pumpkin is so cute!

  3. oh, the little frankenstein and redbeard costumes melt my cold, black heart!