Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 13 :: Living Fossils

The other day, I listed a new wallet in my shop. It was made using a black fabric with white ginkgo leaf silhouettes; it's quite nice. My love affair with the Ginkgo Tree started a few years ago when I was living in a big cooperative house. One of my roommates had her family staying with us, in from Bulgaria. Basil, my housemate's father, was a colorful and unique fellow who had decided one of his life's missions was to plant ginkgo trees everywhere. While he stayed with us, he harvested dozens of small Ginkgo clones and potted them all in our backyard. Some were given away, some were planted around the property, and some perished. When I moved out, I managed to find 2 trees that were still in their starter pots... they had survived the winter in our yard and I decided to take them with me. I still have those little trees and I think I may try and train them to become bonsais. The thought of this alone brings me great joy!

When I listed the new wallet in my shop, I checked out the Wikipedia page on Ginkgo Trees. I already knew that they were one of the oldest tree species on earth; but what I learned I find even more fascinating. Ginkgo Trees are "living fossils" which means that their only known genetic relatives are fossils. They've been around since the Jurassic period, some 270 million years... That makes them as old as dinosaurs; yikes!

This week's Karen's Picks pays homage to this ancient species. I also wanted this week to highlight how specific you can be in your Etsy searches and still get tons of great products to come up. When I searched the word "ginkgo" over 500 items appeared! Happy Ginkgo perusing!

Fabulous Ginkgo Coasters made from organic cotton. By rohmer, $17.A simple pitcher with clean lines and contour. By soule, $26.Beautifully detailed original pen and ink drawing. By naturescharms, $40.This gourd box was grown and decorated by the artisan, I think that makes it extra special. By midnightcoiler, $45.One pound of dried cut Gingko leaf to use for your heart's desires. I'd make medicinal tea! By TheGypsyCaravan, $14.95.So simple and beautiful. I love these earrings! By ginkgo, $26.Gorgeous Ginkgo leaf hemp skirt. Perfect for woodland pixies! By JenniferJoyCreative, $99.50.
Here's a little silk Ginkgo love for that special man in your life. By amysfunkyfibers, $44.A beautiful Opulent Gold Ginkgo Ribbon Bound Journal would make a lovely gift. By KupoKiley, $35.
This necklace is beyond clever and creative, fusing the art of haiku with beautiful craftsmenship. By metalology, $88.

leaves of green and gold
fall silently before me
a cloud of color I couldn't feature all these great Ginkgo gifts without throwing in my wallet. Hope no one minds my self-promotion :) By moonandsundries, $30.I love the purple twist on these classy notecards. By CindyLindgren, $6.
Modern and unique wrapping paper that would work great for many special occasions (And perfect for wrapping up any of these Gingko themed gifts!). By nicoletter, $3.50.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I love Ginkgo leaves!!! What a wonderful collection. Thanks so much for featuring my pen and ink drawing. :-D


  2. What amazing finds you have featured here! Ginkgo is one of my favorite trees-- they are beautiful and I love the facts and lore surrounding them. Thanks for featuring my Ginkgo gourd box!

  3. doesn't everyone love ginkgos? love your article, and all the wonderful articles you found!