Thursday, October 22, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 14 :: Rocktober

My Love is my favorite Rock n' Roller. He brings the sound to the people. As a live audio engineer, he tours the country and occasionally exciting places around the world to tweak the levels and volume that blast from various stages. This morning, he left for the weekend to do a mini run around the Northeast with Soulive. I miss him when he leaves, but the show must go on. Today, I dedicate Karen's Picks to all those rock n' rollers out there who relentlessly tour the world to deliver ethereal tunes to the people, all the while, enriching our lives. Enjoy!

Perhaps the most iconic set of lips in rock... or maybe even the world. Wear this scrabble tile necklace with rock n' roll pride. By craftyaddictions, $7.50.Keep your earbuds safely tucked away in this nifty little tin. By tinytins, $4.99.
I dedicate this next pick specifically to my older sister. She graduated from high school in the late 80's... All I can say is that the pictures are amazing. My sister and most other ladies of that era, have deep-seeded love for Jon Bon Jovi. I don't quite understand it, but hey, they probably don't understand my love for Eddie Vedder. This purse is made from a 45 album cover. By rocknrecycle, $26.95.Here's a super cute bib that makes a great gift for the daddy-baby rock duo in your life. By fun2wear2, $5.99.Take this piece straight to the stage! This guitar is gorgeous... the grain in the wood is just astounding. By joetill, $3,250.
Hendrix is a guitar god. Hang the rock legend on your wall with this vibrant digital design. By DirtyMirror, $20.Although rock n' roll doesn't call for the use of cufflinks very often, if you needed them for a special occasion, these would be the ones. By cosmofashionslave, $14.95.I know some leading ladies who need a button like this. By allisonbook, $1.
I love these earrings made from recycled guitar strings. By cheapdatejewelry, $20.And here's a sweet necklace to match. By PluckingPendants, $28.
This poster pretty much sums it all up. By oneshymouse, $28.
Happy Rocking. Now go see some live music at a venue near you!

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