Monday, October 5, 2009

Tales From The Quabbin

Today my Love and I went for a hike around the Quabbin Reservoir. The area has become a beautiful nature preserve as a result of the watershed being protected. This reservoir provides most of eastern Massachusetts with drinking water.Long ago, the state was facing a water crisis and the small towns that occupied the valley were sacrificed to provide the state with reliable drinking water; dams were built and the valley was flooded.
Today we hiked around the western top tip of the body of water. This natural bonsai is growing out of an old stump along the water's edge... so special!
This is beaver territory; there was scrap "lumber" from them all over the place...

Look at these crazy mushrooms that were growing out of an ailing Oak tree...Cheers to clean drinking water and wild spaces! Have a good one!


  1. This is so beautiful!! It appeals to my fall starved heart. I am in Tucson where we are a little less hot but our big color season is spring and early summer.

  2. Wow, absolutely beautiful pictures. Looks like heaven.