Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Drunken Formatting

Aaaahhh! So much to do and so little time! The shrinking amount of daylight seems to exaggerate this. I've been quite busy. Things are moving along quite well with Snowflake Bazaar planning, although today I noticed that the formatting on the website is all out of whack suddenly. I use Google Pages for the site because I don't know the first thing about making a webpage. In the past, it's been a great tool! But it was still in beta form and Google has been talking about switching over to Google Sites (which is an updated version of Google Pages) for awhile now. Well, just after I got my page all squared away for this year's Bazaar, they decided to switch my site over. Now the formatting looks like it got drunk. I know I'll be able to fix it... but I have a feeling it's gonna take me some time.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to get some serious production going so that I'm fully prepared for the three holiday shows that I have coming up. There is a huge batch of Leaf Jewelry that's almost done and tonight I'll be cutting fabric for wallets.

I also changed my shop avatar today. This is my business logo but for some reason it's been missing from my shop banner and avatar. It's time to get serious about building the Moon & Sundries brand!
I hope to get a Karen's Picks out this week. Be patient with me, and stay tuned!

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  1. Good luck with the upcoming shows...I hope you do well!