Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Karen's Picks :: Vol. 16 :: Snowflake Bazaar

After a brief two week hiatus, Karen's Picks is back in action! It's been a busy few weeks (as I'm sure it has been for all in crafty business land) but I'm happy to say that things are running smoothly and I'm getting really excited about my upcoming holiday show run. Which brings me to this week's theme: Snowflake Bazaar. All of the items listed below are made by local artisans who will be participating in this year's Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar (the annual craft show that I host). I'm quite pleased with this year's line-up of vendors, it's shaping up to be a great day! Without further ado...

Treat the seamstress in your life to a unique and fresh smelling pin cushion. Made with balsam for a nice crisp scent. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: cloth dolls, place mats, cloth napkins, baby blankets, ornaments). By SewSoft, $13.This necklace would be a great gift for the songbird in your life. Sweet and simple. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: collage jewelry, steampunk jewelry, watch part jewelry, vintage inspired jewelry). By valleyofthedoll (aka Rusty Pomegranate), $7.
These wine glass charms would be great for your holiday hosting. None of your guests will ever need to wonder which glass is their own again! (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: jewelry, bath products, gift tags, magnets). By SunMoonStars, $6.50.I love the look of these hammered Copper Squiggle Earrings. Sure to be a unique gift! (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: lamp pulls, book marks, beaded jewelry). By ATBcreations, $14.I've had the pleasure of seeing this wall quilt up-close and in person. It's exquisite! (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: Christmas stockings, ornaments, pins & brooches, cards, art quilts). By SylvanQuilts, $155.This bag is made with colorful handwoven fabric and would make a really special and unique gift for your mom, sister, bff, etc. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: bags, aprons, touch cases). By StargazerStudios, $48.
Butterfly wing jewelry would be quite a treat for the nature lover in your world. These are made with real butterfly wings... how special! (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: pressed leaf jewelry, glitter pop rings, fused glass jewelry). By PoPkO, $43.At this point in Karen's Picks, you may be thinking: ok, all this stuff is great and beautiful, but what about the men on my shopping list? Have no fear; bottle openers are here! This one happens to be made from an old railroad spike... pretty nifty if you ask me. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: lamps, utensils, jewelry displays, and lots more unique bottle openers). By hammeronsteel (aka BMW Ironworks), $40.You could run a pretty fancy bar with all the treats to be aquired at the Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar. I like the elegant simplicity of this Tree Bottle Stopper. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: glass ornaments, glass beads, glass jewelry, more bottle stopppers, vessels, metal sculptures). By katierayart, $32.Keep your head warm this winter with a hand-crocheted hat! It's always important to buy yourself a little something during the holidays! (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor: crocheted hats, mittens, bags and more). By bigcheesecrafts, $15.And now I'm going to toot my own horn for a moment...
Keep your cash stowed away, safely within the fence... err, wallet. Sure to be a unique gift for the urbanite it your life. (Things you may also find at the Bazaar by this vendor (me): wallets for him and her, pressed leaf jewelry, bead stitched jewelry, bags and purses, 1 inch pin-back buttons, pressed leaf notecards, ornaments). By moonandsundries, $23.

There will be one other vendor joining us, BakedEarthBoutique, who works in clay to make bowls, masks, wall hangings, etc. Her Etsy shop does not currently have anything listed in it, so I don't have anything to show you now, but trust me, her work is great!

We will also be selling raffle tickets at the Bazaar to give away some wonderful handmade gifts that were crafted by our vendors as well as some other area artisans. All proceeds will help jumpstart our new group Artisans of Western MA. We seek to spread the good word: Buy Local, Buy Handmade.

And on top of all the greatness you see above in this blog post, The Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar welcomes back local folk-rock all-stars Rusty Belle for a live performance at 2pm. We also welcome newcomers to the Bazaar stage The Fine & Dandy Trio. They're sloted to play at noon. Here's the skinny on the rest of the event details:

4th Annual Bizarrest Little Snowflake Bazaar
Saturday, December 5, 2009
9am - 4pm
The Unitarian Meetinghouse
121 North Pleasant Street, Amherst MA
Free Admission!

Visit us online at:
Follow us on Facebook:

Hope to see you at the show!

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