Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Ice

This morning, I got to curate my second ever Treasury on Etsy. I put one together that's titled 'It's Ice'. For all you crazy hippies out there, you may understand the reference (am I revealing too much of myself here?). For the rest of you, 'It's Ice' is the title of a Phish song off of the 1993 album Rift. The art on the album's cover is iconic; it was created by David Welker. This Treasury that I put together uses the icy blue colors of the album art to create a cool collection of handmade treasures.

All of the work that was selected for this Treasury was created right here in western Massachussetts. Almost exactly one year ago, this area was hit with a major ice storm. Today, the damage is still evident from the snapped and bent trees in many communities. I dedicate this treasury to all my friendly local artisans who survived the big storm with me. Oh yeah, and to creative, original music. Cheers!

PS- Be sure to go over and check the Treasury out while it's live on Etsy. It expires at noon on Tuesday... I'll post a picture of it here after it expires.

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  1. Beautiful treasury...nice tribute to your fellow local artists!