Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fresh Start For A New Year

I've done it! I've finally done it! I've cleaned my studio! By the time Christmas had rolled around, you couldn't even walk in there. After three days of sorting, cleaning, dusting, organizing, folding, rearranging, and purging, the craft room is once again a working space! I took a few before and after pictures to show you just what I'm talking about. Here are a few of the before shots...I like how this one demonstrates my use of the ironing board as a table...And here's the 'Fresh Start'... (Funny how is still looks crazy... I'm such a pack-rat!)
It feels so much better in there. I'm really looking forward to a productive and prosperous year... the only way to get that started was to start with a clean slate. I'm so happy to say that I can check my first major task of the year off the list!


  1. It looks great. I'm all for fresh starts.

  2. Yay! It looks great!

  3. nice! when i saw the first photo i thought that WAS the clean room haha (i guess i need a clean out too if your messy looked clean!). i love that wood beam in there too. (ps- if you talk to your mom i havent forgotten about her necklace repair.)