Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying on track in 2010

It's been a busy and productive start to the new year for Moon & Sundries...

A few weeks back, I went and met with a gallery manager in Westfield, MA about having the gallery carry my work. I am quite pleased to announce that you can now find my creations at Shaker Gifts: Arts & Organics. They are carrying my wallets, Pressed Leaf Jewelry, and my bead-stitched jewelry. I'm really excited to get my foot in the door with such a fantastic shop, whose inventory is about 95% locally produced. If you're in the area, or passing through MA on the turnpike, be sure to stop in and check out all the handmade treasures! The gallery is located at: 16 Union Ave, in the Pilgrim Candle Marketplace, Westfield MA.

I've also been deep in production mode. I'm trying to get as much stuff made as I can while I'm trapped in my house through the winter. Lots of fabric has been cut for wallets, many tiny beads have been stitched into place... There has even been a new line of Valentine's Day cards introduced to my Etsy shop.

Last week, I met with members of the Artisans of Western MA. We're a new group whose focus is to promote the lively local arts scene right here in our neck of the woods. We're gaining momentum and there are lots of plans on the horizon for 2010... I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish this year!

Today, I finally got around to signing up with Propay. This means that I now have the ability to accept debit and credit cards at craft shows. You'll never need to stop off at an ATM on your way to see me ever again! Hooray!

Hope you're having a great and productive day as well! Cheers to you~

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