Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Break

Hello! I was absent from my blog this past week... Wednesday was my birthday and I've had so much going on lately that it's been challenging to keep up with things here. I have cranked production up into high gear because I found out that I have been accepted as a vendor at the Old Deerfield Craft Fairs. There are 4 of these shows throughout the year: The Spring Sampler, The Summer Fair, The Fall Fair, and The Christmas Sampler. I'll be vending at all of them except the Fall Fair (unfortunately, the Fall Fair falls on the same weekend as stART On The Street and that's my very favorite show, so I can't skip it). These are by far the biggest and most professional shows that I have been accepted to thus far in my crafting career! I have been accepted as part of the Artisans of Western MA group application... I'm really excited that our group will be represented at these shows. We will all be set-up together in one area, which is nice because I will know my neighbors and we'll be able to support each other throughout the events. We will also be working to spread the good word about buying locally and handmade right in western Massachusetts as well as handing out additional info about our group. The Spring Sampler is just around the corner- only 3 weeks away! Gadzooks, I have a lot to do!


  1. ahhh its ok having time off from the computer for a bit! especially for a birthday! hope you had a nice day :)

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